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Posted by Dennis Fleming

Known Consignor New Scheme

Known Consignor


Please be advised that there have been changes made to air freight regulations. Exporters are now required to become a ‘Known Consignor’.

Effective 1 March 2019, all outbound international air freight cargo must;

  • Be examined by a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) in accordance with an Enhanced Air Cargo Examination (EACE) notice; or
  • Originate from a Known Consignor

The above air freight security measures were a result of the 2017 Sydney terrorist attempt.

Known Shipper will no longer be sufficient authorisation. Hence, you are encouraged to complete THIS application, in order to become a Known Consignor.

Correspondingly, Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) businesses will now need to examine all outbound air cargos. Exceptions include cargo that is originating from a Known Consignor and is accompanied by a Security Declaration. If the exporter is not registered, they will XRAY, the goods and additional charges will be levied by the Airline. Indications are $0.12 – $0.15 per kilo.

As a result, BTi is now an ACCA and so are all of our suppliers. Therefore, we can process all goods from a Known Consignor to the Airline, without the need for reinspection or an additional fee…

For further information, please click HERE to view the official Department of Home Affairs update.

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