Coronavirus - A Letter From our Managing Director
Posted by Michael Parakh

Coronavirus - A Letter From our Managing Director

Coronavirus Update


To our valued clients and partners,

In the midst of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to provide an update on the measures that BTi Logistics is taking presently, in response to the increasing uncertainty and market conditions.

The health and safety of BTi Logistics employees, customers’ and contractors’ is and will continue to be our highest priority. With the emerging cases of COVID-19 across Australia, BTi have implemented a number of precautionary measures, to help minimise the possible spread of the virus and ensure we can continue to service our customers’ effectively.

BTi will be limiting face-to-face meetings, instead utilising voice and/or video conferencing to conduct meetings. Where face-to-face meetings are required, we will provide names of all attendees and encourage effective hygiene practices, including not shaking hands.

We are in regular contact with our contractors working on site or making deliveries to take all the necessary precautions.

Entry / Exit
We will be restricting entry into our offices and facilities by 3rd parties, including clients and suppliers. Regular day to day collection of goods out of our 3PL facilities will remain in place, however with greater controls surrounding interaction in place.

Social Distancing
BTi has implemented a policy to limit staff movement between office locations and encourage social distancing. This includes splitting teams to work from home or a designated satellite office.

Whilst already maintaining a thorough cleaning regime, we have expanded our cleaning program in each of our facilities and have provided hand sanitising products throughout.

Our business has always involved providing the highest level of customer service and flexibility where required. This will continue to be our focus through these difficult and uncertain times.

BTi will continue to operate as usual and is focused on providing you with relevant information around COVID-19. Please advise us if your point of contact for BTi changes during this period, so we can update contacts accordingly.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our staff, clients, partners and suppliers for their continued efforts in keeping business flowing and enforcing similar strategies to those mentioned above, to ensure the safety of everyone. We are in this together.

Michael Parakh
Managing Director

Please contact your BTi Customer Service Representative or Manager if you have any questions.

COVID-19 resources
With a lot of ‘misinformation’ found online and through social channels, please ensure you are following the advice of the below websites.


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