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Leading Trade & Customs Consulting Services by Senior Industry Professionals

As international trade grows and becomes more complex, understanding the trade and customs requirements and associated opportunities, is more important than ever before. Effective management of trade and customs issues is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage and avoid the strict penalty regimes in place.

Our trade and customs consultancy services will review your importing / exporting processes, to assist with heightened security, regulatory compliance and risk management, as well as helping your businesses overcome any trade barriers. We are dedicated in providing specialist trade and customs advice, in order to help you achieve end-to end supply chain security. Benefit from cost-saving opportunities and simplified solutions tailored to your unique businesses challenges, while expanding into foreign markets.

Core Consulting Services

Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Advising & reviewing declarations made to government

Biosecurity Compliance

Includes Approved Arrangement Schemes & Community Protection Profile

Advise on FTA specific requirements & certification standards

Advise & review of imports, including proposed imports, to avoid unexpected dumping duties

About our Senior Trade & Customs Consultant - John Chambers

John Chambers, a recognised industry professional with distinct customs expertise, will be your Senior Trade & Customs Consultant.

John has over 30 years of experience as a licensed Customs Broker, mentor and educator at corporate and government levels, during which time he has established solid high-level industry connections. Between 2014-2016, John was also the Director of the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia (CBFCA). While in 2013, he was the Chairman of the CBFCA Board. The CBFCA is a peak industry body representing the interests of members across the international trade, logistic and supply chain management service industry.

Throughout his career, John has worked with hundreds of retailers, manufacturers, importers/exporters, across a range of industries including transport, motor vehicles, medical instruments and diagnostics, clothing and footwear, food (including GST exemptions), machinery and equipment and hazardous goods. Moreover, he was previously an industry representative for Quarantine matters (for over 10 years). You can rely on his advice to help you overcome the most complex Quarantine and compliance issues.

In fact, Johns commitment to Biosecurity was recognised by him being awarded the 2017 Australian Biosecurity Award, by the Department of Agriculture. Holding a strong industry background, he has also played a fundamental role in the creation of leading industry accreditations, such as the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) scheme.

John has extensive knowledge in all areas of customs and will interface between different parties to achieve your businesses goals. Overall, he is relentless in doing what is necessary to achieve a desired outcome.

Industry Experience:

  • 2017 Department of Agriculture National Biosecurity Award
  • Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Program Development
  • 35 Years’ experience as a Tariff Consultant and Senior Customs Broker
  • Past Chairman of CBFCA
  • Director of the CBFCA for 7 years
  • Customs Broker Mentor and Educator for over 30 years
  • CBFCA Industry representative for Quarantine matters for over 10 years
BTi Logistics Consulting Services include, but are not limited to:

Customs & Regulatory Compliance | Biosecurity Compliance | Approved Arrangements | FTA Utilisation | Duty Drawback & Duty Minimisation | Imported Food & Organic Compliance | Dumping & Countervailing Duty advice and assessment | Import Clearance Data Analysis | Data & Physical Security Measures | Major Projects | Organic Goods requirements | Prohibited Imports Regulations for goods into Australia | Bonded Warehouse Applications | Vehicle Import Approval advice and implementation | Asbestos Compliance with ABF requirements | Biosecurity Import Permit Applications | Assistance in Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) accreditation | Export Strategy Development

Cost-Saving Opportunities

Customs Act & Biosecurity Act have an administrative penalty regime requiring compliance

Proven success in helping businesses grow

With over 30 years of expertise we help you achieve your international business goals, by overcoming complex challenges

Pragmatic Solutions - Not perplexing proposals

Simplifying complex matters to fit the requirements of the particular business model