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Posted by Dennis Fleming

2019/20 BMSB Season Latest Updates

Further to our August BMSB update, we wish to notify you on the latest BMSB matters, which surfaced in recent months.

2020-2021 BMSB Seasonal Measures

First, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of fumigation failures. Therefore, please expect delays in several quarantine areas. Submitting the necessary documents as early as possible and avoiding making multiple enquiries to the Department of Agriculture can help. Currently there is up to two weeks delay in getting inspection bookings with a quarantine officer in some ports.

Secondly, as of 11/11/2019, Kinetik Cevresagligi has been suspended from the offshore fumigation providers scheme, due to significant, critical non-compliances.  Any previously treated shipments require re-treatment onshore once arrived.


Certain Fumigation Certificates by Bertram GmbH (AEI DE4004SB) Withdrawn

Moreover, it was recently deemed that German fumigation provider – Bertram GmbH (AEI DE4004SB), completed approximately 70 fumigation treatments before being approved under the Offshore Fumigation approval scheme. Details of the affected containers are provided on the Department of Agriculture website; we recommend you check if your container underwent treatment with Bertram. You can do so by comparing the date of your consignment, with the date they obtained approval. This is an important task, as the department will not be accepting fumigation certificates prior to the providers approval date. Bertram GmbH received formal approval to conduct fumigation services on the 12th of November. Other approval dates for offshore BMSB fumigation providers, can be found here. The affected consignments will be ordered into re-treatment or get exported from Australia, in order to address any biosecurity risks.


More Fumigation Treatments Turn Out Invalid

There has also been another 200 BMSB treatments, which, will be considered void, as they did not meet the departments requirements. Consequently, their certificates are invalid and have been withdrawn from the BMSB risk season lodgements system. We have checked our records and wish to confirm that so far, none of these containers were found to be used by BTi Logistics. However, do note that there is a possibility that this may happen in the future. As per above, affected consignments will need to be retreated onshore or exported from Australia, in order to avoid any bio security threats.


Goods arriving as break-bulk will be granted permission to be discharged from the vessel. However immediate containment before undergoing re-treatment is required, or re-export is required.


An announcement by the Department of Agriculture, states the creation of the Safeguarding Arrangements Scheme.  The scheme should provide an alternative clearance pathway for goods during BMSB season. The scheme will provide certain benefits to qualified industry participants. However, the specific benefits are not clear yet by the department.


Exempt goods from BMSB seasonal measures

All target high risk goods manufactured or departing from target risk countries need to undergo mandatory BMSB treatment.

However, there are some exemptions that recently came into effect.

Exempted goods are new, unused and not field tested (NUFT) goods that were manufactured on or after the 1st December 2019, are exempt from BMSB measures, regardless of whether they departed from or were routed through a high-risk country. The exemption only applies to goods of Chapter 82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89. These chapters cover machinery and more complex items.

Evidence and verification of the date of manufacture is essential, in order to avoid BMSB treatments.

A Manufacturers Declaration regarding NUFT as above and a declaration as to the date of manufacture is essential to claim the exemption from treatment.

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