Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Accreditation Assistance Services
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Access Exclusive Trade Facilitation Benefits - Trusted Trader Accreditation Process Assistance

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Are you keen to demonstrate a competitive advantage and separate your business from your competition? BTi Logistics is an ATT providing specialist consulting services to assist importers and exporters with their ATT accreditation application process.

The Australian Trusted Trader scheme is a voluntary trade facilitation accrediting Australian businesses who meet or exceed trade compliance and supply chain security standards. The ATT regulatory framework recognises certified bodies as low-risk and it provides them with a seamless trading experience, a lighter touch at the border and faster access to foreign markets.

Trusted Trader Accreditation Process Assistance Services

Why is the ATT status important to my business?

Since its establishment, in 2016, there has been significant interest in the “Trusted Traders” scheme. Its success is attributed to the fact that it improves Australia’s position in the global marketplace and further facilitates international trade by saving businesses time and money through the reduction of red-tape at the border.

More specifically, the benefits of the ATT accreditation include, but are not limited to:

  • Faster access to foreign markets. Through the reduction in physical examination and priority processing for ATT’s
  • Duty Deferral improves importers cash flow, as it allows them to consolidate their duty into one monthly settlement
  • Origin Advance Ruling benefits shipments that qualify undser ChaFTA. Essentially, the importer no longer needs to obtain individual certificates of origin or pay customs duty in advance.
  • Access to Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA’s). A binding treaty signed between Australia and other countries to expedite cargo. MRA’s enable faster customs processing in overseas countries
  • Known Consignor Scheme. It applies to exporters, alongside freight forwarders. As a Known Consignor, your export cargo will avoid scanning and the associated delays. On the plus side, if you are already a Trusted Trader, becoming a Known Consignor is less rigorous. If you are already a Known Consignor, you have more credibility in the ATT scheme.
  • A seat at the table with ABF on key policy issues and invitations to ATT only events
  • Reduced Supply Chain Costs. Through the simplification of supply chain processes
  • Monthly data reports regarding your importing / exporting volumes
  • Faster Consolidated Cargo Clearance. ATT’s only need to lodge one import declaration, potentially saving consignees hundreds of dollars per shipment
  • Access to a dedicated Account Manager to address any issues as they arise


Who should become an ATT?

Australian business with an ABN, that have been frequently importing or exporting for a minimum of 2 years.

ATT Accreditation Process Assistance

Essentially, BTi’s role is to provide guidance and consultation throughout the application process, in order to help you successfully achieve your Trusted Trader status. Powered by our expertise in trade compliance and supply chain risks, we have built a framework that delivers optimal results to our clients and helps streamline their application process. Additionally, when you work with a service provider who is also ATT accredited (BTi Logistics), your accreditation process is accelerated based on the association with that ATT company (BTi Logistics).

BTi Logistics Senior Consultant

With over 35 years of customs and international trade expertise, there is no better industry professional for the job, than BTi’s Senior Trade & Customs Consultant John Chambers. A well-known name in the Australian customs sector with many industry achievements under his belt. In fact, John was involved with the development of the ATT through IFCBAA back in 2014 and has had a strong industry involvement throughout his career.
A meeting with John will allow examination of your organisations trade processes, risks and will provide an assessment of your current compliance status. John will then provide you with a comprehensive plan on how to achieve your Trusted Trader status.

Application process overview:

  1. Business Details Overview
  2. Systems and Records Compliance
  3. Staff Security Assessment
  4. Third Parties – Risk Assessment
  5. Physical Security to Ensure Cargo Safety
  6. Additional Information
  7. Does your company meet security risk management requirements?

ATT Consultation Pricing

Your initial assessment should take up to 2 hours depending on the business model and needs and comes at a competitive $250 fee!

Watch your supply chain thrive while taking advantage of the growing benefits that come with the ATT accreditation. Regardless of your industry, BTi Logistics is here to help ease the application process for you and your business. Customised plans available for businesses of any size. Book in your consultation today!

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